Saturday, November 24, 2007

UCLA and Oregon Deserve Each Other

So there I was, focused in on the UCLA/Oregon game that had yet to see a touchdown midway through the 4th quarter while ignoring an intense 4 OT game between Kentucky and Tennessee. And to top it all off, I found myself cheering as loudly as I could for UCLA.

But after what I saw in my one day as a UCLA, I'm retiring.

Not only because I now no longer need UCLA's help (unless them sucking against USC next Saturday counts as getting help from them! ZING!) to give my Trojans a spot in the Rose Bowl, but also because UCLA football is extremely depressing to watch. (To be honest, watching USC's basketball team almost lose to Miami (OH) last night in the Anaheim Classic elicited a similar feeling.)

Watching that UCLA/Oregon felt like watching a football game from the early 1900's. Low scoring, field goals and safeties (well almost in this case) provided what few points there were, and NO FORWARD PASSING. Good god I have never seen so many poor passes in one game. And I understand, both defenses played great, and the majority of the game was played between a 3rd string and 4th string QB. But when the play-by-play guy is suggesting that one of the teams (UCLA) use one of its wide receivers (Brandon Breazell) as their QB because he's the best passer in the game, you know something is wrong.

In defense of both teams, it could have been worse though. The first quarter looked less like 19th century football and more like the Special Olympics. UCLA had -2 rushing yards and its starting QB went 0/7 with 1 INT....and they left the first quarter with the lead. Does UCLA's defense understand that by playing so well and winning the game for the Bruins they only prolong Karl Dorrell's train-wreck tenure in Westwood? If I were a Bruin player, I would be intentionally trying to throw the game to get rid of Dorrell (however UCLA's QBs seem to be doing their best to do just that).

Add onto that the three blind mice that officiated the game. They apparently do not understand that when the ball bounces off the field into a player's hands, that does not count as a completion. BUSH LEAGUE. THAT IS BUSH LEAGUE. (Speaking of poor officiating, a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty for raising your arms in the air after a sack? You know Pete Carroll is gonna write a love letter to the Pac-10 on Monday.)

It just was not a fun game to watch, and yet I watched every second of it due to its importance to USC's Rose Bowl hopes. Thank you UCLA for your help and awesome defense today, a big no thank you to anyone on your offense except your kicker. I pray I never have to sit through something like that again. And this coming Saturday, when USC plays UCLA, it's nice to know at least one of the teams will actually have an offense. (Don't worry Bruins, we get to trade places when basketball season gets going.)

The streets will run powder blue with Dorrell's blood on Saturday.

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